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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Hailing from the crossroads of Turkey and imbued with the essence of Turkish and Grecian heritage, Tutku embodies a worldly spirit. Her life has been a canvas painted with the vibrant colors of travel and exploration, with recent years immersing her in the sacred teachings of traditional Shipibo and Quechuan Peruvian Lineages.

Tutku's journey has been enriched by the wisdom she's gathered along the medicine path. Her dedication has led her to become a practitioner of holistic wellness, uniting diverse disciplines. A seasoned yogi, she finds her center through Tantra Yoga, and her connection to the life force is deepened through her practice of Qi Gong, a devotion nurtured over a decade.

Beyond her roles as a Yogi and QiTanYo practitioner, Tutku is a multifaceted individual. She's a culinary arts specialist who infuses nourishment with intention, a singer whose melodies resonate with the soul, a tenacious entrepreneur who carves her path, and an Ayahuascero who guides transformative journeys. Her name, which means "Passion" in Turkish, encapsulates the fire that drives her pursuits.

Tutku's narrative is one of cultural fusion, spiritual exploration, and a heart brimming with dedication. Her journey invites us to appreciate the convergence of heritage and the universal human quest for growth and meaning.

Chonie and Tutku stand as custodians and creators of the Aho Sifa altar, a sacred tapestry carefully woven to honor the diverse Aya Lineages they've traversed and immersed themselves in over the past decade. This remarkable endeavor signifies not only their personal journeys but also their commitment to sharing the transformative wisdom they've gleaned.

United in purpose, Chonie and Tutku embrace the role of guiding souls within ceremonial spaces. Their approach, deeply intuitive and enriched by the resonance of sound technology, creates an environment where ancient wisdom and modern insights merge harmoniously. Their doctoring is a fusion of traditional reverence and contemporary understanding, offering a safe haven for individuals to embark on their unique paths of learning, growth, and healing.

Chonie and Tutku's collaboration is an embodiment of unity in diversity, a testament to the potent synergy that arises when different lineages intertwine. Their ceremonial offering is an open-hearted invitation to all who seek a safe, wise, and integrative space to explore, unfold, and mend.

With profound respect and admiration,

Chonie is a California Native and is of Chiricahua Apache, Mexican and Irish descent. She spent her earlier years of medicine work in Peru with the Paititi Institute. She later met her mentors in Canada and began working with an ancient paradigm approach of channeling, doctoring and musical instrument use. She is a Creative, Musician, Curandera, Practicing Soul Coach/Mentor, Ayahuascero and has a BA in Multicultural and Gender Studies. Her name in Spanish is Ascension.

With admiration and reverence,

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