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:: Nourish with Passion ::


Welcome to Nourish with Passion,a sanctuary crafted for nourishment, well- being, uplifting community and connections for our deeper belonging.  ​

Thank you for being here.

Here, in this temple,we embark on a voyage of self-discovery, embracing life with a flame of passion, guided by the wisdom of our inner genius and deep presence.
Tutku, meaning Passion in Turkish,
is the very essence that fuels all that is offered here.

Our sanctuary embraces diverse dimensions, encompassing spirituality, mind+body psychology, shamanic healing arts, integration practices, and the transformative magic of ritual way of life. ​

So welcome to this space carved just for you.
Let's embark on this transformative journey together,
hand in hand & heart to heart, as we step into a realm of authenticity, connection, and the boundless beauty that lies within each of us.

With open arms, 


integration is our integrity ...

Take a sacred pause just to be, just to breathe in this quietude. ​

Deeply listen to the body 's and the heart's needs.

Delve in the practices that nurture your body, heart, and spirit.

Write, shake your body, connect with nature, meditate, breathe and reflect.

Do it often, make it a ritual. 

Tend to your precious nervous system. 

In that inner listening, a reminder arises in each moment.

A choice available for you to make for your well-being,

and for the well-being of all Life.

Take patient time to integrate your life experiences. 

The more you remember to make the choices that nourish all life, the more you come to truly live within your deepest integrity.


vitalize . nourish . inspire . 


"Nourishing practices are the very bridge that connects our souls Highest truth to our soul's deepest integrity."
~ Tutku

nourishing offerings ...


Embodied Heart & Soul Integration Sessions


Book a 1:1 session with me !

Immerse yourself in the transformative practices of somatic integration, ritual, and movement therapies. Each session is meticulously crafted to guide you towards a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you.

Tutku (3).png

:: Qitanyo Therapy ::
Qigong & Tantra Yoga Therapy
( chi-tan-yo)

QiTanYo Method is a system of nourishing &vitalizing elemental practices that offer the transforming powers & principles of traditional Qigong & tantra yoga therapy.

Ceremonial approach combined with Somatic Intelligence & Mindfulness Practices

that offer intentional release for harmony in our being.


Mystical Turkey Pilgrimages

An opportunity to explore the enchanting tapestry of Turkey through our Mystical Turkey pilgrimages.

These intimate cultural experiences are more than mere travels; they're journeys of the soul, where you'll engage in sacred rituals, offerings, ceremonies, and vibrational healing as well as culinary and nature adventures. 

The mystique of Turkey becomes a journey for your soul, and the connections formed are as enriching as the magical experiences for life times. 

 :: next journey in August 2024 ::


Visit our Shop ! 

Turkish Cotton Nourishing Goods 


Our collection of nurturing 100% Turkish cotton goods is intricately woven into the fabric of holistic well-being, tending to your body, heart, and soul. Each piece is a testament to the care we hold.

We invite you to step into our realm, where every thread is infused with intention. Take a moment to explore & immerse yourself in the exquisite offerings crafted for your essence. To learn more about our selection and to indulge in a mindful shopping experience, we welcome you to venture into our shop.

Here, every choice you make becomes a gesture of self-love, an investment in your own wellness. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey.


  Every investment that you make with

:: TUTKU ::

Nourish with Passion

goods, know that you are supporting a child living in rural areas of Turkey for their education and life. Bridge to Turkiye fund is a trusted organization which creates immense opportunities for these children.
Check out more details and information about BTF



with gratitude, 


thanks for being in touch!

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