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life is nourishment


live with passion

Tutku means Passion (in Turkish), in which we believe it is the very vital ingredient in all that we offer in here at nourish with passion.


This offering springs from my love of nourishment for life, for well-being and for the beauty we as humans create within and all around through the power of self-care.


belief & intention

Everything you interact in this life has a value to nourish you deeply in return.

It is this intention and approach we can bring the cherishing elements of life that fulfills our hearts and spirits. 


Embodied Heart & Soul 
Integration Therapy

Mystical Turkey Pilgrimages
Intimate Cultural Experiences

Qigong/Tantra Yoga Therapy

Ritual/Ceremony/Song Offerings

Traditional Turkish Cotton Goods



this is about you, this moment...

The touchstone of Tutku’s work is the belief that everything with which we interact in this life has medicine to share with us in return, and that we can best receive these gifts when we feel deeply nourished. Her offerings remind us to pause and ask ourselves: what would be most nourishing in this moment? 


"I am your moon and your moonlight too. I am your flower garden and your water too. I have come all this way eager for you. Without shoes or shawl I want you to laugh. To kill all your worries. To love you. To nourish you."
~ Rumi


what nourishes you?


Perhaps it’s the simple comfort of how good sustainable cotton wares feel on your skin? 

Or perhaps it’s that wholesome, delicious meal—a sacred feast made with pure love and intended to be enjoyed with your beloveds as your bellies and hearts connect?

Maybe it’s an inspiring and transformative intimate gathering curated for you to rest and receive?

Or those vitalizing practices of yoga, meditation and breath-work that align you with your source—that replenishing well you can always call upon for support? 

It may even be an authentic and intimate cultural travel experience abundant with music, meals and the magic of nature in the birthplace of creation?

Whatever thread you choose to feed your body and your soul, may you feel yourself interwoven with abundant sources of nourishment, inspiration, and passion for life.

Thank you for opening your heart to the nourishment that Tutku lovingly serves with that warm Mediterranean hospitality. You are most welcome here! 

Textured Paper

Tutku Robes, Pestemals, Blankets, Scarves, and Ponchos are made from 100% pure Turkish Cotton. Easy to care for and fall in love with! Timeless styles for him/her/them to bring you comfort, protection, warmth and joy.  All your purchases provide rural Turkish children with educational and essential resources by giving back to the Bridge To Turkiye Fund.


a little homage...
the story 

Growing up in my home country Turkey, 

in a household of passionate creators, I surely learned to live up to my name through my parents.  My Baba (that's "papa" in Turkish), who owned and designed a successful leather good business at the time in the 70s, named his business TUTKU way before I was born and my Anne (mama in my tongue) who has been a big support in his endeavors has chosen to pass this name to me.


Adopting the importance of making everything I touch with Love and Passion, I decided to follow my Baba's footsteps in this undeniable value. So, in my own work and life, I aspire to continue the legacy of the name given to me by the man

I admire so deeply for his ethics in work, his love for nature, and his nourishing gift of relating and connecting to others so full heartedly. 


In Inspiration & Appreciation



Tutku - my Baba's passion, my name, my history.

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