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I, [                        ] , desire to travel internationally in guidance with Tutku Tezveren.

I acknowledge that I am in good physical condition and understand that the journey may involve strenuous physical activity, including long walks and hiking in hills and/or mountainous areas.

I also understand that there may be delays, sudden changes of schedules, or cancellations of schedules, and that only payments refunded to Tutku Tezveren or still in their possession may be refunded to me.

I understand and acknowledge that while Tutku Tezveren may take reasonable steps to ensure my safety during travel and sponsored activities abroad, these precautions do not guarantee non-negligent performance or acceptance of liability by the organization, its agents, or assignees.

I acknowledge the risks involved in international travel, including injury, sickness, death, property damage, violence, disease, and exposure to substandard medical facilities.

I voluntarily assume the risk of any consequences of my travel with Tutku Tezveren and waive my right to sue for damages resulting from any cause whatsoever.

I release Tutku Tezveren, its officers, personnel, volunteers, and partnering ministries and organizations from any liability for sickness, personal injury, property damage, delay, change of schedule, wrongful death, theft, or loss of property.

In the event any term or provision of this WAIVER OF LIABILITY is found to be unenforceable or void, the remaining terms shall remain in full force and effect to the maximum extent permitted by law.

I, the undersigned, have voluntarily and without duress signed this WAIVER OF LIABILITY form. I assert that I have read and fully understand the above WAIVER OF LIABILITY, and I agree to accept its terms in full.

Witness Name:


By entering my name below, I agree to accept the terms of this waiver.

[Signature + Full Legal Name]

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