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Important Info About Flights :


  • Please make sure to contact and double check with Tutku about your flight details. hours, arrival etc BEFORE booking your flight.

  • Find your way to Bodrum BJV, Turkey, preferably via Turkish Airlines,. 

  • Flights are more affordable if you fly directly from San Francisco, Los Angeles, or NYC.

  • Direct flights are available from San Francisco or Los Angeles with Turkish Airlines and are highly recommended for their convenience and minimal hassle, often at a similar price. Plus, enjoy complimentary Turkish food and delicacies onboard (please adhere to your dietary restrictions).

  • Use Turkish Airlines with as many direct flights as possible. Luggage rules are more relaxed, allowing for more luggage after shopping in Turkey, with two 50-pound bags free.

  • Booking your flight early directly via Turkish Airlines will save you time and money. For San Francisco-bound travelers, the best flight is the one listed below.

  • We recommend fasting during your flight to mitigate prolonged jet lag symptoms. Consider having a banana or an apple during the flight until you reach your destination with a time change. Remember to have your jetlag pills with you.

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