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about Qi-Tan-Yo

🌟 What’s QITANYO? 🌟

( Qigong / Tantra Yoga )


It's like diving into the essence of existence itself—

a beautiful tapestry woven from threads of connection, devotion, and divine exploration.


💫 QITANYO is about reconnecting with our source, embracing the sacred feminine, and diving deep into ancient practices of devotion. It's a dance with the Divine Mother, a heartfelt prayer expressed through every breath, every movement.


💫 Both Qigong and Tantra Yoga are like ancient alchemists, working with the raw energy of life itself. They draw inspiration from the elements of nature, inviting us to experience the divine in everything around us.


💫 Through these practices, we prepare the soil of our being for the seeds of deep meditation to take root. They cleanse and empower, nurturing both our internal and external systems with therapeutic care.


💫 QITANYO is inclusive and expansive—it welcomes traditions, beliefs, and rituals with open arms. It's about finding the gems of wisdom in tradition and weaving them into our graceful everyday self mastery practice.


💫 Ultimately, QITANYO is about living in harmony with the co- creation of all life, embracing our values as for the life we contribute to, connected to radiating that truth into the world.

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Embodied Heart & Soul Somatic Integration Guidance  ...

a journey from longing to belonging

Every interaction in life holds the potential to nourish our being into belonging. This is an art form we'll cultivate together – the art of navigating your desires with your own alignment. As you embrace this process, you'll find your courage growing stronger. Leaning into love requires bravery, but it also offers one of life's most precious gifts – a life fully lived. So, I welcome you to this sacred space. Let's embark on this transformative journey together, hand in hand, as we step into a realm of authenticity, connection, and the boundless beauty that lies within.

: What to Expect :


One-on-one coaching sessions with me can take place via Zoom, in the comfort of your home, or in person , in my home office & healing sanctuary in Nevada City, CA.

Each session is an intuitive offering, where my unwavering focus and attention is on you , personalized to meet your needs and long-term aspirations and desires.

Presence, somatic guidance, relational touch, trauma sensitive embodiment techniques & personalized ritual tools accompany and guide us moment by moment.

During our journey, you'll receive a diverse array of tools, including assignments, somatic practice tools, ritual exercises, nourishing mantras, meditations, reminders, journaling practices, altar creation guidance, audio recordings, personalized practices and other invaluable resources, all customized to your unique healing journey.

I specialize in guiding individuals from all walks of life, and...


As a two- spirit women, also carry a deep understanding and unwavering support for the beloved LGBTQIA2S+ community.

My expertise also extends to providing psychedelic preparation and after-integration guidance, ensuring your transformative experiences are safe and meaningful.

If you feel the call to fully commit to yourself, and to open the doors of transformation and growth, I invite you to reach out. We embark on this voyage together through a 20 minute Free consultation. We can explore options that suit your needs.

I uphold you in the brightest vision of yourself, gently reminding you that our integrity lies in the process of our integration.

With love & gratitude Tutku


About Tutku 


Tutku's voyage into the realm of Yoga commenced over two decades ago, nestled within her homeland of Turkey. This odyssey was ignited by a profound inner call to address a herniated disk on her spine – a debilitating affliction that cast her into paralysis and plunged her into the depths of despondency for numerous years.

Driven by an unyielding resolve to mend both her physical and emotional wounds, Tutku embarked on an unwavering quest, delving deep into a myriad of practices. These endeavors not only restored her spine but also revitalized and enlivened her heart and spirit. Guided by her fervent exploration, she traversed diverse traditions, embracing yoga, meditation, qigong, and nutrition, both ancient and contemporary.

Her sojourn led her through the heartlands of India, the sanctuaries of spiritual enlightenment in Nepal, and the reservoirs of wisdom within the United States. These experiences interwove a rich tapestry of knowledge and insight into her offerings.

Today, Tutku extends communal and private somatic healing practices, meticulously tailored to harmonize the physical, psycho-spiritual, and emotional facets of our existence. Her unwavering belief in the transformative potency of breath and life force animates her convictions. She ardently contends that through these elements, we can mend our bodies and souls, transcending barriers to emerge as embodiments of liberation, serenity, and understanding.

As an eternal disciple of life, Tutku venerates the numerous mentors who have illuminated her path. Her commitment to knowledge acquisition is evident in her attainment of certifications across various domains: Tantric Hatha Yoga & Ayurveda from The Wild Temple School, CA (EYT 500); Classical Hatha Yoga from Rishikesh, India (YTT 200); Astanga Yoga from Dharamsala, India (YTT 200); intensive studies in the Tibetan Mahayana tradition of Mindfulness Meditation at Kopan Monastery, Nepal; and Trauma-Informed Yoga from Firefly International, CA. Her journey of evolution persists, as she presently immerses herself in the teachings of Tevia Feng, pursuing The 8 Trigram Qigong Master Course.

Tutku's odyssey stands as a testament to the potency of transformation, a guiding light for those in search of healing and empowerment. With each inhalation and stride, let us remember that we embody the boundless potential of the human spirit to transcend obstacles and emanate wisdom, grace, and fortitude.

Tutku Tezveren & Chonie Vargas

Chonie and Tutku are the visionary creators behind the Aho Şifa altar—a sacred space woven from the tapestry of diverse Ayauaska Lineages they've traversed over the past decade. United in purpose to service + devotion , they lead ceremonial gatherings with a deeply intuitive touch, harnessing the power of sound technology and ancient healing practices to cultivate a safe, profound, and all-encompassing environment for learning, growth, and healing.


Hailing from California, Chonie embodies a heritage blending Chiricahua Apache, Mexican, and Irish roots. Her journey in the realm of healing arts commenced in Peru with the Paititi Institute, paving the way for her tutelage under revered mentors in Canada. Through this, she delved into an ancient paradigm rooted in channeling, holistic healing, and musical instrument mastery. A versatile soul, she wears the hats of a Creative, Musician, Curandera, Soul Coach, and Ayahuascero, holding a BA in Multicultural and Gender Studies. In Spanish, she is known as Ascension, embodying her transformative nature.

Tutku, hailing from Turkiye, embodies a rich heritage blending Turkish and Grecian lineages. Her path led her on a global journey, where she immersed herself in the wisdom of traditional Shipibo and Quechuan Peruvian Lineages. Combining Tantra Yoga and Qi Gong, she has created her blend of QiTanYo, practice to deeply npurish the newvous system.


With a passion for culinary arts and entrepreneurship, she is also recognized as a skilled Singer and Ayahuascero. Her name, meaning Passion in Turkish, echoes her fervor for life. As a constant students of life, Tutku's current studies in the Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy Professional Program enriches their collective offering. Her expertise in Somatic Integration, mindfulness practices, and trauma-sensitive approaches bolsters the container they create, fostering deeper openings in a conscientious and nurturing manner.


Together, Chonie and Tutku merge their diverse backgrounds, skills, and profound reverence for healing to craft an integrative space that allows all walk of life to explore, evolve, and heal.

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