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Embodied Heart & Soul Integration 1:1 w/ Tutku 


Step into Leo season with Tutku's heartfelt offering: 11 complimentary sessions that create a haven for profound integration. 

In personalized 1:1 spaces, either via Zoom or in person, Tutku crafts a safe environment for somatic therapeutic rituals, and practices to help you fully embrace and process life's experiences.

Whether you're seeking solace after a deep ceremonial journeying, navigating shifts, or exploring plant medicines, Tutku's space is here for you. 

As we heal, our planet heals. Tutku empowers you to access your innate strength and wisdom, fostering heartfelt connections and purpose while diving into transformative spaces.


With a foundation as a Qigong instructor, meditation teacher, and yoga therapist, Tutku seamlessly weaves ancient wisdom with modern therapies. Her multidisciplinary approach brings powerful transformations to her clients, living by the mantra: Integration is our Integrity. 

Tutku, a deeply heart and soul-connected individual, is driven by an unwavering passion for embodied healing and the integration of the soul's essence. Rooted in her role as a Qigong instructor, meditation teacher, and yoga therapist, Tutku brings a treasure trove of knowledge and experience to her practice. She seamlessly intertwines ancient wisdom with contemporary therapeutic methods, curating an experience that is potent, transformative, and empowering for her clients.

Central to Tutku's approach is her profound respect for somatic practices, recognizing their pivotal role in the journey towards healing. She understands that true healing transcends the realm of the mind, extending to embrace the body and spirit. Within the sacred space of her sessions, individuals are invited to embark on an exploration of their inner landscape, forging a connection with their essence and discovering profound realms of healing.

Among her remarkable skills, Tutku excels in therapeutic psychedelic guidance, a field where she skillfully incorporates trauma-sensitive principles. In this therapeutic realm, she establishes a nurturing and safe environment, allowing individuals to delve into their experiences, heal deep-seated wounds, and harmonize their transformations. Tutku recognizes the significance of integration in the context of the psychedelic journey and remains steadfast in her commitment to support individuals as they navigate the post-experience integration process.

Currently, Tutku offers 1:1 sessions for Embodied Heart & Soul Integration, a transformative avenue for individuals to fully assimilate their experiences, unlock enduring shifts, and foster sustainable change in their lives. She believes that investing time and energy into the integration process is a testament to one's integrity and serves as a cornerstone for lasting transformation.

Sessions with Tutku are conducted via Zoom or in person, providing clients with a range of accessibility options. Residing in Nevada City, California, she is deeply engrossed in her studies of embodied mentorship and somatic healing. Tutku's practice radiates a nurturing and sacred atmosphere, enabling clients to reconnect with their core, access inner wisdom, and illuminate their intentions.

More than a guide, mentor, or healer, Tutku embodies the fusion of these roles. Her relentless exploration of consciousness and her commitment to crafting transformative encounters founded in love and acceptance establish her as a trusted ally in the pursuit of self-discovery and personal growth. Within her Embodied Heart & Soul Integration sessions, Tutku extends an invitation to individuals, urging them to unite with their authentic essence, tap into inner wisdom, and embark on a profound odyssey of healing and transformation.

If you find yourself yearning for guidance, healing, and steadfast support along your journey, I wholeheartedly recommend connecting with Tutku. Her sessions stand as a unique gateway to harmonize mind, body, and spirit, uncovering the boundless transformative potential that resides within.

With wholehearted endorsement,

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