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Tutku brings you vitalizing & wellness practices, as well as 100% Turkish cotton goods to nourish your body and home. Feel good in your body, find focus and vitality, and be nourished with passion!

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home goods 

Bring some Turkish delight into your home with delicate Tutku Turkish home goods. 100% Turkish cotton Peshtemal blankets to use as throws for your favorite living room seat or coverlets for your bed. All of the benefits of our other Peshtemal products in a larger blanket that provides warmth and style.

​These high-quality artesian products are made with love, are durable and stylish, while being kind to the environment. Additionally, your purchases provide funding for rural Turkish children's education and more.  


bathrobes & ponchos

Peshtemal, also known as Turkish towel and Hammam towel, is a very ancient tradition that has been carried from the Ottoman Empire to the modern-day.

Classic Peshtemal towels are now tastefully transformed into Cotton Bathrobes & Ponchos for everyday comfort. You can use them while lounging, with your morning tea time,  in all your self care routines.

Absorbent , lightweight, compact, easy to wash, dries quickly, is durable, sustainable and environmentally friendly.


Abundance Poncho


Kindness Peshtemal


scarves & towels

“Peshtemal”, which is part of the Turkish cultural heritage, originated from Persian language. Peshtemals are used more frequently today as towels, scarfs, shawls, yoga mat covers, decorative throws,  and even as light baby blankets.

Environmentally friendly Peshtemals are not just used in bathrooms and baths, but also are used at beaches, saunas, fitness rooms, yoga studios, gyms, beauty centers, spas, hot springs, and many other outdoor spaces. So absorbent and lightweight, you won't know how you lived without one! 

vitalizing practices & nourishing experiences

Hello! I'm Tutku Tezveren. I'm from Turkey. "Tutku" means "passion" in Turkish and my focus is providing nourishing goods, vitalizing, and wellness practices so that you may focus on your well-being and passion for living well. 

Nourishing goods are available now in my shop, and I'll be providing vitalizing practices in the form of guided movement & meditation -

Yoga and Qigong (as soon as the stars align to allow a safe practice in doing so as well as live video classes).

Nourishing cultural experiences, culinary adventures, retreats & ceremonies will also be coming soon. 

Be well and always remember to #nourishwithpassion


"Nourishing practices are the very bridge that connects our souls Highest truth to our soul's deepest integrity."
~ Tutku


Made from 100% pure Turkish Cotton. Easy to care for and fall in love with!

  Every purchase that you make with TUTKU products, you are supporting a child living in rural areas of Turkey for their education and life. Bridge to Turkiye fund is a trusted organization which creates immense opportunities for these children.
Check out more details and information about BTF at

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 Bridge To Turkiye Fund.

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